So, here’s the Hill Bakery’s new home, at the bottom of Grove Lane in Camberwell (dangerously handy for the Hermit’s Cave pub). As you can see, it’s still something of a building site, but behind those hoardings the windows now have their glass and the floor has been laid, so it’s almost ready for us to start moving in on 12 January.

From then on it’s going to be all hands to the pump – well, I can probably only rustle up two hands, but they’ll have to do – to get the place ready to start selling some of London’s finest artisan cheeses, pasta, charcuterie and beers. Along with your favourite sourdoughs, of course.

There will inevitably be a hiatus in the delivery schedule while I get settled and sorted – my best guess is two weeks but, there being many a slip ’twixt the cup and the lip, we’ll have to see how it pans out in practice. But I promise not to leave you all breadless for any longer than I can help.

In the meantime, there’s one very heavy mixer, fridges, shelving units, an oven, lots of flour, dozens of bread baskets and sundry other items to be moved out of my flat and down the A202. But it’ll be ever so nice to have my own kitchen back!