About Us

The Hill Bakery was founded by Adam Newey in 2013. After nearly 20 years as a journalist (working at the New Statesman, Independent on Sunday and the Telegraph, and as a poetry critic for the Guardian), he started to bake bread at home to sell to his neighbours in Telegraph Hill (hence the name of the business) and at Deptford market.

He’d been baking bread for family, friends and colleagues for many years and first became interested in naturally leavened bread (aka sourdough) in the late 90s, partly through the work of US bakers such as Nancy Silverton and Peter Reinhart and, in this country, Dan Lepard. The wild yeast culture that he captured in 1998 is the one we use in the bakery today.

In 2015 we moved the bakery to Camberwell and opened a shop to showcase other small-scale, local producers and the excellent foods being made in London and the South-east, from craft beer in Brixton, to pasta in Dulwich, jams and preserves in Hackney, cheese in Sussex … It’s wonderful to see so many talented and dedicated individuals challenging the way our food economy works, cutting down on food miles, sourcing responsibly, creating excellent and nourishing produce with care for their customers and suppliers, as well as for our environment. That’s something we’re proud to be part of.

Our values are fundamental to the way we conduct our business. That’s the reason why none of the products in our shop will be found on the shelves of any supermarket. It’s why we never sell factory-farmed meat (our charcuterie comes from happy pigs). It’s why we pay our staff the London Living Wage. And it’s why the electricity we use – including in our all-electric delivery van – is from renewables, thanks to the UK’s only 100%-renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy. All of this means we’ll probably never be able to move our HQ to the Cayman Islands or Panama. But we can live with that.